Discover sekurest, the new platform that offers,
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your holidays from financial risks.


With Sekurest Pay, you can pay
for all your travel and holidays
by choosing from many
different solutions.

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Peace of mind with
a solution that protects 100%
of your travel expenses.
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  • pay for your travel and holidays using a wide range of methods, such as: bank transfers, cash cards, credit cards, ‘buy now pay later’, or financing.

  • manage your payments and monitor the related deadlines from a single application.


Payment with cash card or credit card with fraud protection service.

Payment with irrevocable SEPA bank transfer.

Buy now pay later Short-term financing.

Consumer credit Medium-term financing.

Access to the reserved area of the Sekurest website to make and verify payments and deadlines.

Access to the Sekurest app to make and verify payments and deadlines and receive push notifications.

Sekurest Lock is an innovative payment solution that guarantees prompt reimbursement if the services are not provided due to reasons related to the operators’ insolvency.

Companies offering this solution are, by definition, serious, professional companies, since their participation in Sekurest Lock represents actual self-certification of its reliability.

The Sekurest Lock service expresses the work of a team composed of financial and technological partners along with tourism operators working together to respect shared rules. The goal is to offer protection for each party with respect to the others, through a system that guarantees protection of the interests of all operators in the sector, starting with travellers.

Sekurest lock protects your money<br>until you use the services<br>you have booked.

Sekurest lock protects your money
until you use the services
you have booked.

Obtain full reimbursement<br>if the purchased travel<br>service has not been provided.

Obtain full reimbursement
if the purchased travel
service has not been provided.



When: if a service that was properly booked and paid for through an affiliated operator is not provided.

How: connect to the Sekurest digital platform and request reimbursement by activating the claim. The platform will promptly verify the reasons for the missing service and, if favourable, will credit the corresponding amounts to you.


Sekurest Lock protection has no added costs.

Activate Sekurest Lock protection to request a reimbursement with just a few clicks on our simple and intuitive digital platform.

Sekurest Lock protection is provided with rigorous respect for legal and banking regulations. Your money is protected at a primary depository bank and guaranteed by a major insurance company until the service has been provided.


Easy, free protection that guarantees<br>security and reliability.

Easy, free protection that guarantees
security and reliability.

Choose Sekurest Lock for:
  • Access to a network of reliable operators.
  • Protection against operators’ insolvency and guaranteed reimbursement if the service is not provided.
  • Possibility of deferring payments directly on the platform (financing or ‘buy now pay later’).
  • Easy access to the platform and use of the system.
  • Completely free service.

Before your next trip, discover
what Sekurest Lock protection guarantees.
We will soon publish a continuously updated
list of Sekurest-affiliated operators on our website!


The Sekurest service is completely free.

To use Sekurest, both the consumer and tourism operator must be properly registered on the platform.

You can easily consult the list of Sekurest-affiliated tourism operators and accommodation facilities on the platform.

Sekurest protection is provided with rigorous respect for legal and banking regulations. Your money is protected at a primary depository bank and guaranteed by a major insurance company until the service has been provided. This gives you high-level financial security.

Simply access your personal page on the Sekurest platform and click on ‘Send claim’ for the service that was not provided.

This occurs when a service that was properly booked and paid for is not provided due to reasons related to the responsibility of the travel organizer and/or provider.

Sekurest protection is not activated if there is a difference in service compared to what was stipulated in the contract or due to force majeure (for example, natural calamities, strikes, meteorological events, wars, health crises, etc.). In these cases, the terms of the contract between the tourism operator and consumer are applicable.

The Sekurest system also serves as an indirect guarantee for both the consumer and tourism operator, since the amounts are ‘frozen’ and cannot be used until the service has been provided, thus averting in advance possible negative effects of the tourism operator’s insolvency or bankruptcy. As a result, Sekurest, while not actually a guarantee fund, ensures protection as required by Article 47 of the Italian Tourism Code and Article 17 of Directive EU 2015/2302.

della Direttiva UE 2015/2302.

We are working hard to make Sekurest available by the end of the summer. Stay tuned.

Payment institutions are companies other than banks and electronic money institutions authorized by the Bank of Italy to provide payment services.

For more information, visit the Bank of Italy

This is an open account with a payment institution properly authorized by the Bank of Italy and used exclusively to make payments.

A depository bank is a financial institution regulated by the Bank of Italy that guards and administers financial assets on behalf of third parties. These assets may include money, titles, stocks, bonds, common investment funds, and other forms of investment. The depository bank acts as a safeguard for customers’ assets, guaranteeing security, precise recording of transactions, and periodic activity reporting.

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